Looking for co-op partners starting UVHM to potentially OP8

So back in the day I never got to OP8 originally, only OP3 with zero. However, since I put this game down I have lost my hard drive data and only have a level 50ish zero and maya backup. So, picking it back up again I’d like to get back to the peak and finally conquer it and the game on OP8, and it would be cool if anyone else wants to go co-op for the ride at any point.

But because the challenge and the accomplishment is important to my personal experience, for the peak and OP levels I want to avoid gibbing, using/abusing any bugs/glitches/unintended “features”, beehawking (or the bee with unlisted pellets in general really, I hate how brokenly overpowered the bee is and how much it’s abused), shamfleeting, maybe even the grog nozzle. Salvador is so OP and it’s so hard to draw a line with gunzerkings “features” that I might just prefer no salvadors, I don’t want to feel carried through anything by gunzerkers. Idk for sure though I haven’t played him at a high level yet so I’m not an expert. My definitions of “cheesing” are open to discussion though.

I’m also sorta considering a no legendary/uniques/red text challenge run, if anyone seems interested in that.