Looking for Co-op player

Hey I’m currently playing a level 25 Gunzerker, and I’m looking for someone to co-op with. I’m willing to start a new character as well if interested in that. My PSN is TeH_KoJ send me a request if anyone is interested.

i don’t mind starting a new character anytime.

sent a request, hoping to play soon :smile:

@salvatorechris24 i received nothing.

Hey apologies to the guys who sent those requests, I was offline at the time. I’m online now and still looking for co-op players if anyone is interested.

@TeH_KoJ you abandoned my character so that why i stopped playing with you and you have been removed from my friend’s list. and also you don’t share the loot either.

Hey I had issues with my internet, and it was late so I just went to bed. No hard feelings.

@TeH_KoJ you didn’t even message the reason you went offline. i stopped starting this fresh new character idea since it goes nowhere during co op play other players end up leaving the game and leave the host or other behind.

Well I had connectivity issues as I just said. I tried to reconnect but I couldn’t, I don’t intentionally ditch players. No worries if you don’t wanna co-op more though.

i think about doing it again but abandoning other players just wrong even without a message stating the reason.

Yeah I didn’t abandon though…

uh… well you left without reason, i played solo after then i gave up playing new characters.

I have just told you like 3 times that I went offline because of connectivity issues…It was not my decision.

okay well you had your reason. whatever…

had a power outage again. sorry about that.

i getting off. severe thunderstorm here. later

Looking for a co-op player still. I’m currently playing a level 24 Siren. my psn is TeH_KoJ if anyone is interested

Hi,add me on psn:
let’s play!(sorry for my english)