Looking for Co-op to beat Dragons in Tiny Tina DLC-Level 70 UVHM


We have a level 70 Siren and a level 70 Commando. We’ve tried and failed to beat the Dragons in Raiders of the Last Boss many times. Anyone willing to lend a hand or join up for the battle? Thanks.

I would like to just hard to find time with everyone else, I usually play around midnight Central time, but I want to find a purple magic missle add drinkingcloud.

I’ll add you and see if we run into you. we’re in Eastern time so that’s pretty late for us unfortunately. but we will try to catch you. Thank you. Add Rhomvolution9

I could help out tomorrow afternoon if you still want it. Im in pacific time zone. Would be after 4 my time. I have op 8 siren and op2 assassin.

U in the game atm? If yes, I’ll give a hand. / Zerkus - enjoi slaying dragons for lunch

I can also help you if you still need help.

That’d be awesome. What’s your tag? I’m Rhomvolution9. We’ll get on tonight (I thiiiiiink…) and look for you. A few others offered so if we get it done before we need you we should be good. otherwise we’lll keep an eye out for you.

I’ll add you. we should be playing tonight—over the next few hours. I’ll look out for you. Name is Rhomvolution9.

I’ll see if I can get the others to help. If not I’ll hit you up.