Looking for Commander Planetoid class mod

Looking for any, but life steal would be amazing. Just send me a list of what you’re looking for in return and I can see what I have. First melee character across all BL, damage seems underwhelming without it. Also send me GT if you wanna play. 50 Amara, probably doing Fl4kk next.

Wouod that be a knife drain planetoid?

Yes “Knifedrain” is the Prefix that grants Lifesteal.

But OP searches for a Relic/Artefact NOT a COM(aka Class Mod)

A planetoid is an atrifact so i already knew that? Lol anyways i have one

I hoped OP would read it and change his topic.

Yea i was a bit confused, but i kinda figured what he was talkin about. Or so i hoped atleast lol

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I have this available depending on what you have for trade.