Looking for Competitive Group (PC)

I am looking for some players to group with for campaign missions on all difficulties (including advanced hardcore), and ranked multiplayer play (PC). If you are going to be on at least a few days a week, a few hours at a time, and can carry your weight and more in difficult missions, then please leave a comment below in the following format:

IGN: LlamaWaffles555 (i think this is the same as your steam name)
Favorite Role(s): Orendi
Preferred Role(s): Ambra, Deande, Miko, Orendi, Rath (if i have Miko healer), Whiskey Foxtrot
Prefer Campaign/Multiplayer: No Preference
Region: North America
DLC Owned: Not Applicable Yet
Days/Times online: After 2:00 some days, after 7:00 most days, generally whenever i feel like it
Steam Message to Contact: Yes please, i might not be online, but i might be at my computer
Mic: sometimes i can use my mic, but i can always listen (will probably set up a Discord server for this)
Other Notes: I am not AMAZING at the game, but i can keep a positive K/D ratio just below 2, and i think we can do really well with a good healer and coordination

Please try to fill out as much as you can. We need your IGN and the roles you will fill, then everything beneath that becomes more and more optional. I look forward to wrecking some face when the game comes out.

good luck dude :wink:

You should consider joining Marauders Clan to meet people with similar interests as you and more people to play with as the Battleborn section grows! Within the section, teams can be formed to satisfy the lust for hardcore grind and competitive play. Applying will cost you nothing but filling out an application form and doing a quick interview.

Interested? Apply here http://www.marauderclan.com/
Once you’ve submitted your application in the “Applications” subforum, you can find our section amidst the Shooters forum.

  • Cablen3rd, Battleborn section Lead

Cool, how do i join? I made an account on the website, and found the Battleborn section, but i cant find a ‘Join Group’ post or button or anything. idk how this works

I may have mislead you a bit. When you first open the website there this subforum called “Applications”. Inside that is a pinned topic which contains the template. Copy that, create a new topic and answer the questions.

Alright, just one last thing. Where do i post the topic? in the Applications subforum?


Title of Topic?


So i should title the new topic that i create with my application “Topic” ?

Title it like others have, “Application - (your name) - (your main game)”

AND ITS DONE, Check it out! I assume you have some semi-high ranking within the clan.

Well mildly high. An officer+ will take care of your application, I’m just an NCO.

Ah. Is there an ETA on how long these things usually take? should i check the post every few hours today, or does it take a few days, maybe a week?

after i said “Good luck” you found a team nice :slight_smile: gl with them :slight_smile:

About an hour or two usually, depends how many officers are online. But you’re application doesn’t expire in a long time so don’t worry

Alright, Great. I got a few classes today, then ill check on it sometime around 8:30 tonight. If not, im patient. besides, im really just looking for a battleborn group, and its not even out for 2 more weeks.

Thanks for spreading the new about the clan though, very helpful!

Alright, hope to see you on the forums soon!