Looking for Conference call and doom shotgun

Is there any specific boss that drop those? If not, where did you get yours from? Thank you for info.

Eden 6, Jakobs estate. Online or offline. Just farm the whole area over and over again. Even online there is still a decent occurrence of loot tinks. I’ve picked up three conference calls this way.

I got the Doom shotgun last night farming Graveward offline on Mayhem1. Farmed Circle of Slaughter on Mayhem 3 and both the weapons again dropped for me i now own 3 of the shotguns and 2 conference calls.

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It’s the super shotgun

Well, I ran through Jacobs estate like 5 times, not a single loot tink spawned… So I tried to farm Graveward, killed him like 10x and got a few legendaries but nothing too usefull, also killed Traunt like 20x and no Hellwalker. It was online and on M1. Nevermind, I’ll keep trying, anyway thanks for the tips. :slight_smile:

If you’re on xbox give me your gt. I’ll send you a conference call. The’re coming out my ears.

In normal playthrough a bit ago got the Conference Call from the 4 Billies.

On Ps4… And I like to farm it rather than get it easy anyway, but thanks anyway. :slight_smile: