As stated above I am looking for the hyperion Convergence shotgun from Dlc4. Specifically I am looking at elemental ones, fire and shock above the others) with ase 100 element or ase 100 gun dmg, and consecutive hits is another one id take, it doesn’t matter if it’s the x4 or x8 variant, thanks in advance for the attention, if there’s anything you are looking for I might have it!

I have a fire hostile excutive convergence with consecutive hits anoinment. Would you be interested in it?

Ehy, I already got a ch fire one meanwhile, but I might be interested in yours too! It’s the x4 or x8? How much mag does it have? You need something in exchange?

Its only x3 so totally understand if you wouldnt be interested in it (mag size is 6). I am currently farming Evil Lillith for Prompt Criticals so if i get a convergence among what you listed I’ll let you know

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