Looking for cool mature people to play with GT: BIG BAD JAM3S

I’m 17, love this game and just wanna play with nice people.

i would play with you im on xbox one gt is kandiiking

That’s great ire add you tomorrow (uk time)

You can add me aswel gamertag= OMDC

I’m frome belgium so GMT +1

Level 53 just farming and killing things. I have an extra bee shield and infinity I can accidentally drop to help out lol. Just bored playing like a loner.

im lvl 70, add me at xxxkgbmastarxx, anybody add me. I’ll help you anytime.

what your gamertag?, ill help you.

Hey I would love to play with all u guys im always alone and im level 43 looking for guys to farm with/do story with/ Have fun with so Add me MrDefuseDaBomb, Also i have a mic.

I will make sure I will add you, however due to me selling my 360 I am a low level (ATM) hopefully it’s not an issue but if it is I understand

Sorry but it says invalid GT why don’t u add me (BIG BAD JAM3S) and see if that works

Need to increase my BL friends roster. You can add me.


I will play I have a lvl 22 Axton and 61 Maya gt is Antares Draco

Ill play lvl 31 Axton. GT is The Schwig

Im down also, Im 20 Very chill and play other games also :slight_smile:
GT: Kaye2dajaye99

I run a clan in COD and just got mortal kombat and also have destiny looking for some friends to make here