Looking for coop and trade lv 54 playthrough 2.5

Currently lv 54 mechro i am look for someone to coop with so i can those invincible will anyone be able to trade me norfleet, thunderball fist and quasar
PSN: rexandyy

i have the bee
conference call
infinity pistol
unkempt harold
hide of tera
chain lightening
fire strom
black hole
the hornet (all lv 50)

Wood u trade an op8 grog nozzle for ur sham and infinity pistols

na man i wont be able to use it becos i dont have an op 8 account

What about lvl 50 magic missile x4
Volcano sniper
Whiskey tango foxtrot
Bee shield

magic missile will be a pretty good idea
and i am interested in the bee depends on the amp damage of it

will there be any chances that u have a norfleet, quaser or thunderball fist?

Hey I have like 30 mule characters that I can give you stuff for no trading.

can i add u plz

Knock yourself out. PSN: gino1313

alrighty m8 i will add u tmr ty for being so kind

Do u have any of that lvl 50 gear left I have an op8 grog to trade