Looking for Coop Lvl 72 OP 8 Mechromancer

just looking for some people to coop with on my OP 8 UVHM run through the game. a lot of people are just asking for boosts to OP 8 but I’m already there and id just like a group to run the game and raid with. Gamertag is dArKestSoul1295. would prefer if you had a mic.

I’ll shoot you a FR here in a few when I get on. I play mostly on the weekends but sometimes during the week and I have a mic

sounds good m8!

What timezone you in bud? Am in the same situation as you but am a uk based player…

im in EST in the u.s.

Located on west coast usa. Got an op8 mecro and siren + working on a gunzerker. Msg me or add me, my gt is mS Xero :wink:

added you just now