Looking for Coop partners (Anytime)

Looking for friends to play with, most of mine have moved to xbox 1. Any levels and at random times of the day, I work Fridays 3-11 pm EST and do online college courses. I currently have one of each character including the dlc most of them are low but Wilhelm is highest at 31 on 2nd play through, current favorite is Ms. Hammerlock. Also looking for a full group for the “Who You Gonna Call” achievement. Gamertag is Vengeful Yoda

EDIT: Well I now have the “Who You Gonna Call” achievement but if anybody is looking for it am willing to help others get it.

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Hi, timezone differences aren’t a big issue it seems (I’m EST +6h), I’ll add you to my FL, feel free to do the same. My highest level character is Athena L28, I finished the game with her a few months back and she’s starting to gather dust.

I wish to make me the host and we can start from the beginning
and i will be claptrap

Added you. For achieve and general game play. Gt is Senial Savage

Well, I just got my 360 working again currently on a work furlough but I to am looking for 360 friends cause I have none, just got mic working, unkown if it works or not.