Looking for CoOp peeps for help with Invincible Sentinel

Im level 28 and looking for help beating the Invincible Sentinel.

I can offer help. My steam name is GhostieKitty. I have no profile picture, though it should be simple to find me.

Hey guys,
i bought borderlands the pre-sequel and i want a buddy to play through with me. I also have a level 32 doppleganger who is just starting true vault hunter mode. I have played borderlands 2 and completed it. Add me on steam @Spegy N Merbls please leave a comment if you would like to play (i do a lot of trades and block most of the people).

There are a few Spegy N Merbles it seems.

I added you ghostiekitty. Spegy n merbls i dunno which one you are.

I never got an invite.

Maybe try adding me? Im Superfastemmyfish

Im trying to click “add as friend” but steam just sit there an does nothing.

add links to your steam profile