Looking for Coop players for UVHM PC

Hey Vault hunters, Ive been playing this game for a while and just left university so Im getting back into it but finding uvhm a bit difficult, also i want to do the OP levels afterwards too. Oh and I want to fight Vermi and Hyperius/Master Gee on TVHM

Im based in Europe (UK) and i have a lot of free time. :smiley:


Heya - how far / what level are you? I have a few characters in the 50s and a psycho about to go into UVHM (it may be evident from this I spend too much time playing Borderlands). I could probably catch up to you with Krieg. Keen to do OP levels too. :slight_smile:

I’m the opposite, I’m about to go back to uni on Monday rofl

I’m down to play when I have free time though. I have a 72 (OP1) Siren and 58 Mechro for UVHM.


Decided to start playing again, have a level 72 Axton wanting to get into the OP levels and stuff. Looking for level 72+ people to party with. Add me on steam, Joben420.

hi yeah just shoot me a friend req sorry for the long reply

Have a 72 zero based italy, would like to op, but alone is really hard start every Time for The beginning…