Looking for CoOp

Im looking for some fun people to play presequel and the dlc to come. I have the season pass. My GT is The1997DRPepper. exactly as its spelled. Im okay with playing any character i have all 6 for basic rpg. not a serious rpg but some fun. I am also interested in getting involved in youtube videos. i think id be good at it but i dont have the equipment right now. im on mostly nights to early morning. Eastern standerd time.

GT: VegetaValpo

Except for Tuesday and Wednesday, I connect to XBL almost everyday. :wink:

PS: My english isn’t so good, but my spanglish is awesome!! xD

hey ill be down I have the season pass all my saves and stuff corrupted though so my bar is down to the default :frowning:

add me my gamertag is in the post. look forward to joining both of you.

I’ll send you guys some requests, always looking for new blood to play with, Gamertag is Vengeful Yoda. What’s your gamer tag @CryonicStupdity. I work on Fridays and do online college so my times are kind of random.

edit: I too have the season pass.

@vengeful_yoda my gt is my name

I play XBL often, send me a request


My GT is Foretold Kill. Please add me because I too am looking for Co-Op partners in TPS.

Hey, I’m happy for anyone to play online with. I have characters spread out in level, so I should have something appropriate to play.



Ill add ya tmro im headed to bed now. i work 3rd shift. so i wont be on untill about 1am Easter time.

Hey guys just added a lot of you, im always looking for people to co op with!

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