Looking for Corrosive Redistributor

Hello, if anyone has a spare Corrosive Redistributor to give or trade that would be appreciated :blush:

I don’t think that exists. I think it can only come in fire.

… I have a corrosive 1 with 100% damage on ASE do you by chance have any kings calls?


Yes, electric and cryo, not anointed
Interested ?

My PSN: RelaxDMJ

Yes it exists in all elements

Do they have the negative damage on them? I will be on in a bit

Electric has -29% negative and 10% critical (for 845 dmg)
Cryo has -21% and not ad crit (for 930 dmg)

K just keep em I want the 1s without the negative damage just send you a fr

As you wish
Fr accepted

Sent it to ya enjoy :smile:


Many thanks, that’s very kind!:+1: