Looking for Crossroads and Cutsmans (Operative annointed preffered

What the title says. Anointed operative effects for bonus points.

GT is Phoenix Wright6. Time zone is Pacific. Have to go to work now, but shot me a message or request any time and I’ll get back to you ASAP. THanks for your time.

What are the perks and skill distributions on the bloodletter and phasezerker mods? I have a (non-annointed unfortunately) cryo crossroads.

Sorry, already have a cryo crossroads. Really looking for a fire one in particular.

The only fire crossroads I have is annointed for Gunner. Would that bother you?

I’d be interested. Send a message or request to my GT, gotta go to work now. Much appreciated on the quick response.

no anointed, but have a nice electric cash infused one that took down traunts shield real quick

Cool. Hit me up on Xbox and we’ll trade whenever

i can email it to you i you still need it…still have the recurring nade?

whats ur xbox name?

I have a Fire Crossroad Annointed with Handling and Accuracy. Would trade for an Operative annointed Cryo Crossroad with Digi Clone or Barrier and like a 1.5-2.0 zoom.