Looking For Cutsmans,Lyudas,Carriers,Hexes. lots to trade level 53

looking for all lyudas, 250/300 125splash cutsmans, gamma burst fire cutsmans, sntnl cutsmans. looking for any good carriers. 50% and 25% thrown hexes, recurring, mirv.
Have quite a few godrolls. 160,gamma,100,125. Lemme know what you have and what your looking for please.

I can send you a corrosive cutsman with 125% splash. Maybe send me a recursive Hex with 50% ASE? Thanks Tom dot66
What is your GT?

I’ve got your GT.

Do you have a low lv stop gap shield with health regen or bloodletter mod with health regen? I have lv 53 cutsmans.

Gamertag: faxanadonuts