Looking for Deathless artifact

Hello fellow borderlanders :smiley: I"m looking for a Deathless artifact preferably with stats good for moze but willing to consider any :slight_smile:
I have a moze Fortified Tenacious bloodletter with 31% pistol damage,
I can also trade you many other legendary’s like a “rowan’s call” anointed or a fearmonger anointed or a vicious lyuda anointed and many others :slight_smile: lets just say the only thing that hasn’t dropped for me is a deathless artifact so willing to trade for it assuming it’s with some good stats for moze :slight_smile: or if someone will give me 1 with bad stats cause they are tossing it i would gladly accept it to keep me goin until i get 1 with better stats :smiley:
Thank you in advance and my psn is: DIVINE2

I am online as we speak and will be so for a while so i can trade right away ingame if needed :smiley:

I have a deathless elemental projector.

I am really looking for any of the following shields with ammo Regen on terror

Rough rider
Red suit

Other than that I’m just open to your offer

I will check the stats on mine…but do you have a Annointed annexed Fire lyuda lol.

sadly the shields i have are not what ya want but i do have the normal transformer shield and an overflowing scream of terror shield and also an anointed masochist nova berner shield with 5% hp regen at end , i do have a rowans call anointed that returns ammo on crit and also adds corrosive damage at end,

the lyuda i have is anointed vicious lyuda with 2 magazines worth of bonus cryo damage at the end of skill for 50% maybe something else ya need ??? i’d really like a deathless artifact as it seems my luck on that is rerrible lol at this point i’d take any deathless just for the sake of having 1 so my moze finally has that extra shield strength from it :slight_smile: thank in advance and hope we can work something out perhaps :slight_smile:

Ehh…yea the one i have doesnt have great stats on it…its a loot expanding deathless artifact if you want it for that lyuda you have im cool with it.

yeah sure why not i guess we wboth sorta get what we want but not the stats we wanted so it seems fair :slight_smile:

cool beans. im online right now psn is deathshot1234

just send ya a friendrequest :slight_smile: my psn is DIVINE2

thx much appreciated and enjoy the game :slight_smile: been a while since i done this whole social thing with text lol and haven’t been using voice for a while so sorrry if this came off weird or something but thx again and have a good day :smiley:

I might trade it for the lyuda, what is its stats? I’m not 100% familiar with the names in this game yet

sorry, i already trade it with cogbonnaya :slight_smile:

I have an atom balm deathless if you’re interested. calebismybro is my ps4 username.