Looking for decent level 50 amara mod!

im not expert on amara but looking for good amara mod please got plently I can offer , can tag you in my post of bits I got if you have decent amara mod!

Which mod type in specific? I’ll look to see what I currently have for ya :slight_smile:

think its phasezerker boosts 1 green then 2 orange ones on the skill but tricky part be getting perks I guess

Unfortunately the perks are the hardest part.

I have an extra with 45% Hyperion crit damage & 31% pistol with 1 in anima, 3 in conflux, & 1 clarity.

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interested possibly if the one your talking about is phasezerker :slight_smile: and whats 3rd per as all im getting is hyperion boost, and pistol boost so I assume 3rd is bad perk ?

It is a zerker but sadly it only has the 2 skill points for some reason I could sub it for the one I have equipped.

Anima & conflux are swapped
18% wep crit damage
31% heavy wep damage
+50 Dahl wep accuracy

yeah can you show me image of the one you got equipped sounds interesting ?

I’ll be a 100% honest and say i dont know how to screen shot via ps4 and upload via phone. I’m normally a shitbox player lol if you add me psn: SithLordWooky I know I can send a pic on a message on ps4

yeah add you now so used of cooldown on mod as my fl4k mod has cooldown and critical damage!

Cooldown I think with out a doubt will be #1 unless you play Moze with deathless & shield builds.
See it like this as god drop
Action Cool down
Something the helps most of the gun type used or shields/up/ etc

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