Looking for Derp Ahab and Gentleman’s Pimpernel OP6

Looking for these 2 weapons if possible, around OP6/OP5. Been farming for days and no luck :frowning:
Psn: acreamcracker

If you can help me out that would be greatly appreciated!

When you say OP6 are you referring to level 78 or 86?

Sorry, level 86

I’ve got a couple of level 80 Ahabs but my new Sand Hawks and Pimpernels are 88. I wouldn’t mind sparing one of the Ahabs if you’d like …

Ye that would be great, just send me message on psn if you want when your gunna be able to get online
Psn: acreamcracker

Sent you a message and friend request. Online now. I have a slag Fashionable Pimpernel and Dippity Ahab waiting for you. Both are level 80.