Looking for Devils Foursome (Radiation)

Willing to trade for them. I lost them a month ago with the bank bug and never got them to drop again :frowning:

Update: now just looking for one with Radiation.

I have one

Which one? Fire or Radiation? Also, what you looking for trade?

Burning Devils Foursum Anointed (Incendiary)

  • On ASE, Splash Damage is increased by 125% for a short time.

Looking for Anointed Crossroad, any element would do. Really the only thing I haven’t gotten yet.

I’ll add you on Xbox and mail you a anointed crossroads.

What’s your gamer tag?


It’s in your mail… Thanks a lot

Thanks! Check your mail.

Quick and easy… It’s appreciated.

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I’ve got a radiation version. Do you have a Facepuncher?

I do. Are you looking for a certain one?

Anything that works for a melee siren is good for me. Not overly picky just wanted to try one out since I heard it works well for Amara.

I’m 99% sure I have it since I got it last night, so I don’t think I sold it it a fit of I Need More Space. If it’s there I’ll send it to you when I get off work (about 3 1/2 hrs) and you can just send me the shotty when you get it.

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Sounds good! Just add me later and send me a message on Xbox.

It’s a plan!

Do you know where I can get my hands on a Melee White Elephant? I’ve got a corrosive model but I’d lose 80% melee damage if I used it… Melee should work well with the Facepuncher.