Looking for DLC4 , DLC5, and GTD items +more


  • Redundant Convergence CH1 anointment
  • DP Prompt Critical (w/ Element) 200% bonus Splash
  • Smog smg (rad/cryo) ch1 or any good generic anoint
  • Globetrotr x6 w/ Splash (w/ element)
  • Old God (Cryo, Corrosive, Shock) w/ matching Element on ASE
  • Torch, Void Rift, Nova Berner, Revenganator, w/ DOUBLE NOVA and Action Skill Start.
  • Any good DLC5 stuff
  • 3x Adaptive shield

Still lookin’, bumpity bump.

Do you have zane spy class mod by any chance?
I have version 0.m ASS like you want and some old god shields.

Nah, sorry Paco.
I tend to not have mods for non-Fl4k characters since Fl4k mods make up like half my bank lol

No problem, lol. Send you the shield now

I love it. Greatly appreciate it, my dudes.
Thanks for all the other knick-knacks as well lol

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Updated things I’d be interested in.

Do you have new fl4k mods with points in capstone?

My friends and I haven’t purchased the new DLC yet. I’m just waiting on them until I do. So nope, no mods.

No problem, i think i have CH convergence in my bank. Will send it if i have one