Looking for Early -end game build?

a friend of mine just started playing BL2 and he choosed zerker
we both lvl 36 (im gaige :wink: )
and i want to send him a build so he can use the right skills
also would like to know which weapons he should aim for at this early stage in game.

we just started tvhm btw.

thanks :))))

This thread answers similar questions

Otherwise, the Salvador skill guide is handy to understand what’s good and what isn’t, and has a small leveling guide at the bottom: http://oldforums.gearboxsoftware.com/oldforums/20150309023304/http://oldforums.gearboxsoftware.com/showthread.php?t=361882

As for gear, Hyperion shotguns are your best friends (and shotguns in general are great on him)
Pistols are also good. Look at the Top Gear thread for a good idea of what works at high level, that should cue you on what works at low level too.

There is a lot of stuff here, just look at the community salvador resource thread

And for right now at level 36: http://bl2skills.com/gunzerker.html#000000000005505000415141000000000

From there, Put points into Incite and hard to kill until Ain’t got time to bleed unlocks, then into Locked and loaded. Once you have enough points for Down not out, you can respec and remove points from the right tree to get it ( like this: http://bl2skills.com/gunzerker.html#550000501005505000415100000000000 )

…OR keep going in the right tree ( like this: http://bl2skills.com/gunzerker.html#550000501005505000415100000000000 )

Both work fine, so it’s up to personal preference, but I would suggest never taking point off the middle tree: fill it up first and keep it filled no matter how you place your points afterwards

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has any one got a spare uvhm pack 2 code i could have because i have the handsome collection on xbox one but dont have uvhm on 360 i can only play handsome ollection it weeks on my birthday so im playing game of the year edition on 360 could any body help me out

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