Looking for Earworm

Sick of farming and getting nothing. Looking for a lvl. 50 Earworm, either a spare or I have a few legendaries I could trade but nothing special (anointed sublime storm, Ruby’s wrath, cold warrior zane mod, decaying vanquisher, anointed disciplined vanquisher, idk most of my bank is just full of junk).

I have an Earworm for ya.
PSN - PIKE2564

@bigrfish Awesome! Do you want anything for it or nah?

No… you can have it. Graveward has been dropping them. It’s a red text Blue if by chance you were thinking it was a legendary. Send a FR… I’m on now.

I can help you out with some other gear as well… Just let me know what ya need.

@bigrfish I’ve been checking all the blues but nothing, must have killed him at least 20x, maybe it’s just bad rng but it sucks. I’ll add you when I get back from work (friendly_coffee), don’t really have time atm. Thanks though, I really appreciate it!

No prob… Anytime. I 'll hold onto it for ya. I have one for someone else as well. Ya RNG. I’ve seen quite a few. Managed to get myself an anointed one.

I have one for you. Do you have a fire Rowans call by chance?

Hey bud do you by chance have any more earworms left??? Ps4

Could you exchange one for me too please?