Looking for elemental projector and spiritual drive

What’s going on trying to do my Siren elemental build I’ve been farming for about 2 weeks for an elemental projector and a spiritual driver and no luck if anyone has any to trade hit me up I’m on the PS4 user ID is dragonknight3699

Got a few of each. Not online atm so dont remember the stats. Looking for stuff to my Zane. So anything with SNTNL and seein dead mod i’m after.

Cool I’ll check my bank for what your looking for.

I’ve got one seein dead if you want to do cm for cm

I have breath of the dying with the sentinel anointed

Whats the stats on the cm? I will be online later tonight (local time) will let u know the stats on my spirituals

What you LF

Not real sure. I was kinda looking for a bang stick. I’m FL4K main and don’t have much anointed for him. Lots of legendaries just not many with anything good for FL4K

Yeah hes my main to of been trying to get rack pack for him I’ll see what I got

I have a friend who is trying the rakk attack build. I may change to it but I’m still on critical build. So I’m open to either.

Yeah that’s what I run with my flak is crit build

image image image image image image

I’ll take meditaive

Its three, any specific?

Any other with melaiwan reload speed and I’m looking for cutsman Corrosive with 50% elemental bonus ase

I will Mail u all three. Dont have any cutsman with that anointed.

I have sent u a friendrequest.