Looking For Endgame Builds

So there are a lot of builds in the master build list, and it would take a ridiculous amount of time for one person to test them all out. Not only that but it is possible not all of the good builds have been added there. I was hoping to get some input from players that are way more experienced than I. As the topic title says I’m looking for endgame character builds. In other words builds that work really well in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode (UVHM) and Overpower Mode (OP). The builds have to meet my requirements though. Which are as follows:

-I do not like to constantly have to respec my skills. I’m looking for builds that can get through the entire game without the need to respec. I don’t want builds where I have to respec to fight this boss, or to get past this area, or to take out this mob, etc. I want builds that I can stick with all the way through, no matter what the game throws at me.

-Sometimes I play solo, and sometimes I play with friends. I need builds that work well both in solo play as well as multiplayer. Many times when I do play with friends they drop in and out of my games at a moment’s notice. I can be solo one moment and have one to three friends playing with me the next moment and be solo again at any given moment. I don’t want to have to respec every time my friends join or leave my game. Like I said earlier, I’m not the kind of player that likes to respec every 10 minutes. I would prefer to have a build I can stick with from beginning to end no matter what, and that works well solo as well as in a group.

-As far as my play style goes, most of the time I can adapt to pretty much any play style, but my preferred play style is aggressive rushdown. I prefer to be on the front lines, in the thick of things, kicking ass and taking names. I like a fluid play style where I usually don’t have to stop for anything or get interrupted in any way. I definitely prefer an offensive play style instead of a defensive one. Although I can play defence if needed. As far as guns go I don’t have a problem using any of the gun types in this game. Shotguns, Handguns, Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Rocket Launchers, I can use them all equally well and I enjoy all of them. This is the only game where I like all of the weapon types.

With the criteria I listed above which of the builds in the master build list do you guys think would suit my needs? Also, if there are builds that are not listed in the master build list that might work for me would you be kind enough to post a link to them? Naturally I would also like to know the recommended gear for each build. After all even the strongest build in the entire game is nothing without the right gear.

NOTE: I am playing on PlayStation 3. I do have the latest most up to date patch installed. I do connect online to always have the latest most up to date hot fix installed. I do have all of the DLC installed. So keep that in mind when suggesting builds.

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give.

The master build list collection is here:

Of these, you may find what you’re looking for here:

This is my current solo/co-op nurse-dps hybrid, which I use with a variety of class mods and relics.

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Edited my original post to include which play style(s) I prefer.

In that case, probably any of the pure DPS builds that fit with the gear you have or can get. The Obligation and Life and Death builds look like interesting starting points for playing around with.

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Are there any good builds that focus on crowd control? I’m thinking I might want to give that a try with Maya, just to see how it goes.

Just play the game! Respecs are cheap and can be done at will.

This build works equally well with the Legendary Siren and Binder COMs. It’s what I use with the Binder, but I put on the Siren when we take on Pete.

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I use this http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#505001455023055100004505510501 and switch Class Mods as need be, L. Binder for mobbing, L. Cat for bosses. If I join a game with people who have already started DP I throw on my L. Nurse for support and Phaselock Surveyors and any other enemies I can.

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Just used this variation on Derch’s Twisted Pimp build to solo Dexidious on OP8- since you play co-op you can take the point from Life Tap and put it into Res…