Looking for Enhanced Primeval Phasezerker

Amara Class Mod,

Really looking for these:
+SMG damage
45% Hyperion Critical Damage
+20%-25% Weapon Damage

Thanks In advance.
I have things to trade if you’re looking for something or if you feel like donating to a fellow vault hunter!

That’s the only Entranced Primeval Phasezerker I have currently:
(correct one, but no stats you want)


And that’s the only with SMG damage:
(Lvl 49 and different):


What would you do for both?

I’m currently desperately searching for:

  • Transformer (While Phasegrasp is active - Amara constantly triggers novas)

But I alternatively also take:

  • Transformer (On action skill end - 30% of damage taken is returned to the attacker)
  • Transformer (On action skill end - 20% increased action skill cooldown rate)

I also search a Snowdrift Victory Rush or Snowdrift Otto Idol with (Max Health, Max Shield, Movement Speed) but I guess it would be quite a coincidence if you have one of those.

Also if I find a such Transformer meanwhile, because i’m still trying, I will simply give them for free.

Damn I just got rid of all my shield a little while back… but I will look for the transformers for you. If you do end up finding one, my GT is MoneyMose! Thanks!

Plus, I only am interested in your lvl 50 phasezerker, thanks!

Ok added you on the X.