Looking for epic shields

Looking for any epic shields that anyone may have with triple effect like the one shotter. Any shields with a triple effect will trade well.

I’ve got a One-Shotter with shield refill on Barrier deploy anoint that I can trade. Here’s a link to my list topic with what I’m looking for: 47's Ongoing Wishlist - Haves and Wants within (updated 3/12)

Hi I’m looking for the same thing but greande’s aswell lol if you have any I don’t I would love to trade with you.
:T.H.I.C.C. Shield Triple Health. Regen 5 health.
:Killswitch Shield Triple Powercharge. Regen 5 health.
:Killswitch Shield Triple Powercharge. SNTNL 15 Movement Speed.
:Mendels Multivitamin Shield Triple Health plus 5 health when shield full. ASE 50 Radiation.
: One Shotter Shield Triple Amp. Barrier Deployed Recharge Shield.

Are you online if so add mightguyyo and message saying it’s about trading triple effect stuff.