Looking for excuses... and maybe tips

I did my first Match with that DLC Bird that forget the name. Mostly because saw a Toby, and decided to take the chance for the lore challenge

We got your classic supper destroy with no hope at all

I try to use my classic Excuse of “Lets Blame the AFK or Blame the leaver” but this guy didnt buy it… and pointed out the obvious (it was all my fault)

I need more escuses. What do you recommend?

This reminds me of early TF2 animation (which never made it to release)… still slightly interested in the single player aspects of this game.

Haven’t watched the whole match.

It being your fault is a technical truth - Ernest is a weak pick in Meltdown, being weak when forced out of his territory, which is simple to do with all the different directions you can be attacked from on those maps. And you didn’t get much of a chance to adjust or to get your team to focus on a lane with you and keep you protected, as your Kleese (also a weak Meltdown character for the same reasons, so you could say it was also his fault) left within 2 minutes.

As far as how you were actually playing, you seemed to be mostly alright, it was just difficult to judge as most of the bad situations you found yourself in could be chalked up to the fact that you were a man down for pretty much the whole match.

So, to put it simply, this match was lost at the character select screen. On PC in particular the meta is such a razor’s edge right now due to the tiny player base, something as simple as a sub-optimal team comp can turn what might have been a competitive match into what you experienced.


Ugh do you need tips? I can give you some.

so… cant blame Rath for dying twice as I did?
we are looking for coward excuses here.

Oh well if you just want blanket excuses, blame the other team for their cheese meta and move on with your life. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

"cheese meta"
okay, that goes to the note book

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Always stay back.

Waay back.

In your Egg.

That’s what it’s for.

Ernest’s greatest strength lies in his ability to quickly and indiscriminately send grenades down lane.

Don’t hesitate to flee even further back if the enemy comes a-runnin’ at you.

Take his Slow Egg at level 2 (left side level 2 augment) and his 30 percent AoE damage reduction (level 3 middle mutation).

His Slow Egg is tremendous for slowing waves and Melee and the AoE damage reduction makes his egg harder to dislodge If you have it in protected spots as you should.

I recommend you don’t play characters you are unfamiliar with in a competitive setting.

Is pvp competitive settings?

What do you mean with pvp competitive settings?

Is there a more competitive mode than pvp I don’t know about? I would say it has been pretty competitive lately. If you are unprepared and unpracticed against a team that is, you are gonna have a bad time.

I’ll make this a little easy for you. I don’t really recognize names on your team so I’ll assume you’re all either lower levels or spend time in bots battle versus the actual PvP. I recognize the names on your opposing team (since half are on my steam friend’s list) and they’re sitting at 800-1500+ hours of play time EACH. There’s a very good chance one of them probably has as many hours in the game as your entire team combined does.
If your 5th was there, it wouldn’t have mattered. Their team comp (huge CC) + experience would have rolled you guys anyways.

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Isn’t that draft mode?

I never take seriously any mode unles draft, god even in draft i fool around. This is a gaaame unless is a tournament.

I just have around 200hrs

Draft is only one day a week. You can’t avoid try hards by just staying out of draft. That is mostly the fault of the games population and lack of separation between the more competitive and casual modes. He was in meltdown so that is not as serious usually. That doesn’t mean you can’t get stomped on. I’m a try hard and I don’t play characters I’m unfamiliar with in pvp at all. Even some of the ones that I like and are familiar with I don’t play in pvp because I feel like I’m not that good with them or they are not strong compared to other picks. I get what you are saying though. It is just a game. Im just recommending that you try characters in PvE once or twice at least before jumping into pvp. Not only for your sake but for your teammates as well.

The most competitive players on pc usually play meltdown when they scrim.

I played with/against several pc players when they were practicing on ps4 and we did some 10 mans for both Meltdown and Incursion. They took both modes very seriously.

I meant quick match. Since he is playing meltdown public, I assume he is in quick match which can be more forgiving for newcomers. I’m not saying meltdown itself is not a competitive mode. The recent $10k tournament was 2/3 meltdown.

On pc there is only quick match and bots battle. With draft and solo/duo once a week.

That’s a bummer.