Looking for face puncher

Looking for a level 65 x14 face puncher with 300/90 annointment and a good phazezerker class mod (preferably weapon dmg, action skill dmg and melee dmg)

I have a x7 with that anointment if that’s any good to you

Wanna send it over if your not using it? Gt is tokethekronic

No problem I’ll send it over a little later today

Thanks, much appreciated!

I have a x14 face puncher with 300/90 annointment I’m willing to dupe.

If you don’t mind, I’m looking for: Low level purple jacobs shotgun with 21/25 pellets, It’s piss with OGT 25%, Psycho stabber w/ melee ASE, good cosmic stalker/peregrine/bounty hunters, good stinger, good version om, frozen heart with terror bullet deflection or ammo regen, whispering ice with ASE apply terror, Old Gods with ASE elements, Fire and Cryo old gods with Terror Ammo Regen, Terror cryo Unforgiven or URAD unforgiven, Terror Cryo Hellwalker and Psycho stabber

Also looking for ASE N2M, terror cryo or consec hits, Monarchs/Light shows/Gargoyle/Flippers, and any meta fl4k gun with terror cryo.

(Also the reason I didn’t accept the peregrine class mod you messaged me about was because it was pretty clearly modded to have perfect stats, which isn’t something I want. Not saying you’re wrong for having it, I’m just looking for stuff that dropped legitimately. Thanks!)

I have few Flippers and light show with ase n2m, still in search for those?

Sure! What are you looking for?

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I am looking for various things such as good sandhawks with n2m element ( Cryo with shock anointment would be the best) or consecutive hits/old God shield with ase dmg/boogieman with consecutive hits/pearl with mag size and fire rate/deathess white elephant with mag size and aoe dmg, but anything meta with a good anointment, being it urad, n2m anything, I’m open to it!

Out of that list, I have a consec hits pearl and a shock old god with ASE radiation and one with ASE fire. Will you trade that for a few light shows/flippers?

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Yeah I definitely would! What bonuses the pearls has? I would settle on anything with mag size, and for the old God I need just the shock one, it’s nice! I will not be able to play until Monday, but I’ll send you a prive message when I get to.

I tried to do it on split screen…and it failed. When are you around tomorrow? I’m around pre-4 pm for you.