Looking For farming team / leveling

Hello all. I have a new character I want to level up and find some of the rare loot. AKA Norfleet and Legendary class mods. I have right now a level 47 zerker and a 61 siren. I am willing to go to UVHM but wanted to find some people to play online with.

Please let me know if you are interested and times available to play. I am in the EST in US and usually play later at night.

Thank happy gaming.

sorry, i am new here, and i realised you on xbox. im on pc so it wont work

I can help on BL2 and BL:TPS. GT is FooFargles just msg me and lemme know!

Great. What times are you normally online. I am usually on 8-1 am est.


I’m on xbone, I’m only a lvl 52 but if someone could either help me lvl or help me farm it would be nice

Looking for people to farm and play with for tomorrow. I am looking to get my gunzerker levels up near Max from 53 and get through TVHM. Would like to also farm for new mods and higher level guns.

GT tmasters87

Let me know if interested. Will be playing most of the day tomorrow. 10-6 est.

I’m on right now, and can power level anyone who needs it!

Will you be on later foo??