Looking for fellow gamers 2

Looking for any play type im a op lvl 8 psycho have mic and im a insomniac xD gamer tag is I EM I Leon , am a adult and am willing to in the best that i can , help , teach , level anyone i can … message over xb1

Ill play it with u bud

I will join you guys this week OP8 psycho to, but will be an OP8 siren this week hopefully! :smiley:

i can op8 you pretty quickly man gt is bigbillftw pretty sure we played together before though lol

correct bigbil ok will keep it in mind! wil be back home tomorrow will shoot you a message!

Im down! Coltzk95

Hey all,

I just started playing a new character (at level 10 with siren) so feel free to add me to your friends list. I also imported my level 50ish saves from xbox 360 if you need a more mature player. Thanks and look forward to a little coop play.

time zone=EST