Looking for Ferocious/Rabid Hail, Shock Practicable Development, and more (Lv70) Have All Element Proletarian Revolution, Two Fer Luck Cannon, and more

I have a decent amount of Lv50 gear, along with even more Lv70s. Ill list some of the more noteworthy things, but if youre looking for something just ask.
Im looking for:
Shock/Fire Practicable Development (Im interested in any multi-barreled Shock or Fire Hyperion Shotgun with a decent fire rate and magazine size though)
Shock/Fire Practicable Thinking
Kwikner Shock/Fire Meat Grinder
Shock/Fire Enforceable Bullpup
Gentle Party Line
Rabid/Ferocious Hail Shock/Fire
Rabid/Ferocious Shrediffier Shock/Fire

Grounded Rerouter
Cryo/Fire/Shock Proleterian Revolution
Dobby Droog Cryo
Glitch Purging Anarchist
Glitch Ravager
Texas Flayer
Thunderfire, Absolute Zero, Pitchforks, Two Fer Luck Cannon, and much more

I have a fire hail lvl 70

What’s the prefix?

I have a lv 70 Glitched Reactive Development (Shock, L4A4) with Tediore Grip and Torgue Stock. Fire rate isn’t great though, 2.9 I think

I’d definitely like that, its still has the right Stock, perfect Glitch, and prefix doesn’t matter as much. What are you looking for in return? Feel free to message me on XBL, Alpacadude01, or respond on here. Thanks.

Sounds good. I interested in either a level 70 two-fer luck cannon with jakobs grip and low zoom, if by chance you have it. Otherwise, just started a new Nisha character, and could use any good lower level Jakobs pistols

Psn is GuyIncognito84 Have a bit of work to do today, but I will be online a little later on.