🕶️ Looking for few 160 splash. Skeskil,Ogre,Echo,Rad DP Redline,ECT

I am looking for splash 160 Moze guns. Skeskil, Ogre (x2 preferably but either one), echo (DP preferably but either), Radiation Redline, Freeman, Creamer, x2 Lumps, thinner, x2 hedgehog, Occultist, Devastator, Breeder, Flakker with elements.
Really want the ogre and redline the most.
Have alot to trade, alot of Amara Godrolls 250,300. Some 160 splash stuff Hive, Embers Purge, All DP godroll redlines besides rad, all protuberance besides corrosive , some are x2, a perfect Corr cloud kill, a perfect x6 Trevonator rad cryo I believe, shock and Corr everblast homing mirv, dp Juliette’s dazzle, DP pent up alchemist, DP alchemist, and some more. DM me if anything specific you want.