Looking for few pieces of gear

I’ve been level 72 for a couple of weeks now and my gear sucks, i’ve been farming but have come up with nothing, if anyone has any gear they can drop for me that would be great, i need a grog nozzle, DPUH, magic missile, bee shield, interfacer, and legendary gunzerker class mod. PSN: dbaouse

Hey I just started playing on ps4 I’ve played every borderlands on Xbox since they first came out have been op8 and in prequel had ba rank of 34000+ but since I’m new on PS no one seems to help each other out I’ve leveled up MANY people in the guardian hunter glitch but no help on psn what’s up with that ??? And if you needed those things on Xbox I would be glad to help you out

Don’t believe your statement “no one seems to help each other out”.

1st, to level someone in TPS with the Guardian Hunter Glitch on PS4 is not the same as on PS3; It crashes consistently. So to level boost someone will be done against forum rules.

2nd, If you look thru the forum there are a core group of bl2 (PS4) gamers who help others out continually (myself included).


I got what you need. I’m on most nights at 10:30 est. PSN: Sun_TsuNami




Dude get a rough rider. Look up bahroos gunzeker spec video. Crush everything. Bee isn’t what you want.

I’ll drop that for him too

Do you think we can arrange an earlier time, because 10pm PST is around 5am GMT and i would most likely be asleep.

Sure. I am on until 1:30 am est and if not good, I will check to see if you are on at 8 am est. We will meet up soon.

Sorry dude after being on ps4 awhile I did meet a few really great players