Looking for Fire, Flat, and Shock Dictators, Radiation Flakker, Radiation and Shock Mirvtacular or Recurring Hex, Radiation Efficiency Victory Rush, and a Re-charger

My GT is Phoenix Wright6. No space between the 6.

I am offering:

Annointed cryo Recurring Hex
300% melee Wards

And more! Message me on here or Xbox, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I am on Pacific Time, and about to go to bed (Grave shift Lyyyyfeee!) I’ll be back on about 5pm PST.

Let’s make a deal!

I have a radiation flakker and probably an extra recharger

Cool! What would you like in return for those?

I have rad flakker as well if you are still intrested

You can just have it for free, what’s your GT?

edit: never mind, I see it up there. Ill send it over when I have a chance, probably in a few hours