Looking for fire hose Moze gear

Whatever you have. The grenade seems the hardest to get. I have some blast Masters but none are perfect. Could use a better fire kybs Worth. Thanks

I don’t know exactly what gear is in a Fire Hose Moze build (too lazy to search). Can you list some items?

I might have extras

I have cloning maddening tracker with on throw anoint if that’s part of it

Lol and just got one with shock on ase farming the unstoppable as well.

@Skavenger Yep those would be great. I think you already added me The Number P . It basically revolves around a really good purple mirv tracker, kybs Worth, and Otto idol I need to look up the specifics

Any Otto Idol or do you need/want specifics

@Moos1 I think the Otto Idol needs Last Stand (Last Stand Otto Idol) and +splash/grenade modifiers preferred .

The purple grenade needs to be a tracker with as many MIRV/mini MIRV splits as possible.

I found a Kybs Worth that’s okay but would love a fire version with Splash damage anointed gunner (After exiting Iron Bear, gain 160% increased Splash damage for 18 seconds).

The grenade and artifact are the ones I think I need to get going and be effective whereas the gun would be icing on the cake.

May have one of those lying around, probably won’t make it on tonight, I’ll keep an eye for the grenade

Hey man did you ever get the grenade you were looking for

Yes I did thank you

:+1: right on bud