Looking for Fire Lucians Call, Fire Lyuda

Gt Orbilol.

Feel free to ask for stuff, might have something sitting on my bank.


I got a fire Lucien’s Call You have any of these?

Rain Firestorm Grenade
Radiation Barrage w/ zoom
Incendiary Warlord w/ zoom
Corrosive Crossroads
Night Hawkin with zoom in full auto/burst
Legendary shield with over 15K capacity

Yep, got a rain firestorm

Ok i’ll trade for that. My GT is Starfall Shadow

Gimme a sec just went online and the game requires an update :o


Hi dude I have night hawkin with 2 zooms. Pretty op. Would you trade your fire lyuda for it and also you tou have any deathless relics?

Does the night hawkin have full auto and burst options? If so I’d trade a fire lyuda for it. Or I have a Caustic Coast Deathless artifact with:

+29% Shock resistance
+29% Incendiary resistance
+40% FFYL Duration

Has both full auto and burst dont have the other item unfortunately

Cool. Trade it for my fire lyuda?

GT: Starfall Shadow

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Yoooo you guys all on console or pc?

We’re on Xbox.

. I got a snow drift deathless to trade… 2 lucians calls and 3 lyudas … one molten anointed lyuda.

Grave artifact also have fire Lydia but corrosive call looking for elemental projectors