Looking for FL4K CMT

Hi all,

I’m looking for well rolled Red Fangs and Bounty Hunters, mainly with weapon and crit dmg/mag size/Vladof stuff.

Some of my stuff at the link, plus a bunch of dlc4 items (prompt critical/blood starved beast/convergence): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10K_D9emq7OuP9JEbgUQQHcCpVKw482G2wfCTKa3f2mc/edit?usp=sharing

I just happen to have exactly what you’re looking for … even the urad light show and breath of the dying.

Im on Epic. My handle is Mourning6Lory

Sound good, I’ve farmed the lightshow since, but still looking for CMTs. What you’re looking to trade for? I got some other stuff since, so just let me know what you need and i’ll check for it.

Been looking for a corrosive Queens Call with SNTNL Cryo but if you don’t have one it’s ok. I can just give you the items you want. I don’t really play Fl4k much but have a ton of great gear for him.

I sure don’t have Queen’s call, but I have some other stuff with SNTNL Cryo, I similarly don’t play Zane, so will just send them your way in couple hours :slight_smile:

My handle is Essavias (steam)

This is what I have for you …

Could definitely use the red fang, BotD and the 'nade.

I have SNTNL Cryo monarch, hellshock and 200% ASA hellwalker, if those are of any use to you.

I’m always interested jn a SNTNL Cryo Monarch! That’ll work.

Sound great, I’ve sent you a friend request. I’m working, so will check the game from time to time and mail it when I’ll see that you’ve accepted.

I didnt have any new friend requests and Epic also wasn’t able to locate you by your handle …

Not sure whats goin on there. I have to drive to Charlotte NC in a few and will be back home around 4-5 ish EST.

I’ll try again then and see what happens.

Probably related to you being on epic and me on steam. I should be around at that time, so just ping me whenever it works for you.

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Oh yeah … my handle has a 6 (six) not a G for glory. Sorry, i should have mentioned that.

Yeah, that’s what i typed in and it let me send you an invite. Now, however, it doesn’t find you to resend the invite. Weird.

I have a Steam account too and just sent you a request from there.

I’m actually playing BL2 on Steam right now.

Got it, was sleeping :slight_smile:

I mailed you the monarch.

I have to go into work early today and will send your items as soon as I get home this afternoon. Im expecting to get home around 5.

No worries, take your time.

I’m in the menu to send you tge items but your gamertag is not in my list of friends … I also didn’t have the Monarch in my inbox. No worries tho.

How can I send it to you from Epic to Steam?

By chance are your Steam settings set to not show your online status?

Nevermind … i found you. Items were sent.