Looking for free Zane gear on PlayStation

Hoping someone will be kind enough to donate/trade copies of some Zane gear.

Ideally looking for Maggie, Lucians Call, Brainstormer, Hellwalker, with typical Zane annoints.

I have tons of copies of Moze gear and my heartfelt appreciation to return.

PSN: Darthquixote777


Do you want sntnl gear for Zane?

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Yes! I always use Sentinel. Have been using Barrier lately as well.

I’ve been looking for a Lucians Call and Brainstormer with Cryo during Sentinel and a Maggie with Crit on Barrier.

I don’t have a Maggie like that but if you can bear with me I can round up the others.

Oh my sweet! Thanks that’s flipping awesome.

I don’t mind farming Maggie anyways it’s not so hard to find really.

Are you needing any Melee Amara or Moze gears? I’ve got tons of annointed items from those two.

I’m looking for Moze splash damage increased after ib exit

I’ve got a lot of weapons with that annoint. Kybs, etc.

I have kyb’s, can I ask what rifles do you have and do you have cutsmans with that anointment?

I have two Maggie’s with 130% damage on clone switch. Also one with consecutive hits. Would one of those annointment work for you or are you looking for sentinel or barrier specifically?

Nice DPUH profile pic!

The consecutive hit Maggie would prolly be pretty badass. Anything your needing?

I can send you the Maggie tonight or tomorrow depending when I get on. I have your psn on my list so no need to add.

I’m still trying to figure out my moze to be both good and play how I like. I currently have a pretty decent setup with green and blue trees and the lucky 7 as my main gun. Not much of her gear is optimized so if you have anything or even really some tips on what has worked for you i would be happy.

Hey I sent you a message on psn hit me up!

Sent it your way.

I’ll be online tomorrow evening and all night.

Thanks man. I’ll hyu tomorrow w a chat or something and let you know all of the Moze gears I have. It’s pretty extensive as she’s the only character I’ve played since release until now.