Looking for friend (ps4)

I’m 46 y/o,so friend needs to be an adult. I’m a disabled veteran, so I tend to be a little slower than most. I have a mic, so friend should have 1 also. Looking to play bl2 and tps. My psn is alleycat22469 please mention borderlands so I don’t delete it

Hey I’m a mature 16 year old, I know you want an adult,so sorry for that, I’m on most of the time, psn is IntuitiveApple3

i am adult here, also have a mic. play everyday willing to play/help with others. PSN: AngelofLove57

27 y/o add me i play both a lot

Psn afgyilan

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i am lvl 18 i need a little help but i play everyday add me kakegenkidargons