Looking for friend (xbl)

Hello I’m looking for decent players to game with. I’m 33 years old and team oriented. Played the beta alot and know what I’m doing. Add me of interested GT Megatronus83

Hey man, I’m also 33 (until the end of the month :slight_smile: ) and would love to have more to play with. I have convinced a buddy to get the game but the more the merrier. I play week nights after 8 pm - 10 pm eastern time. Weekends I’m usually on past 10 pm. Gwyndon is my GT, add me if my hours mix with you!

GT is NMBR1D3M0NChyld, can’t wait to play with you :smile: I’m 22 and always love a well put-together team

I love this game a lot will send you guys a friend request.

GT: Plutonium Bug

GT: c4lvitron.

28, don’t get to play as much as I would like, but I’m no slouch when I’m on.

Add me GT: BammBigalo im 29 about to hit dirty 30! lol hit me up

What’s up friend! Glad too find a growing community for this game. This game deserves RESPECT! My GT is SULPHUR G3. I will add all you guys here and hope that great friendships can be built. I love playing support on any game so I need great players around me. I main the whole Rouge Battalion lol! PEACE