Looking for friends... and help

Hey everyone, how are you doing? My name is Colby. And you can find me online on th Xbox one with the gamer tag: ThinkH2o … I am looking for a group of relaxed people. Who are either really good at the game, or if you suck and just need practice. Battleborn has become one of my favorite games to play. And I play it daily. Whether its on the weekend or after my dialysis days. To get to my point. I have put 100hrs in this game. I play alot of story mode and versus mode. I have come to notice that I really truly suck at playing this game. And its depressing. As much as I love the game. I can never do well enough to win. No matter how much I damage an enemy battleborn. They never die.i can’t tell if they are cheating so I assume its me. I must not be very good at all… Ever. So anyways… The point of my post…i am looking for players who are willing to help me get better at this game. Give me tips. Help me build better gear for my loadouts. And even do practice team runs in private versus modes. So all in all I am looking for people who are looking to create a group that will dedicate time to this game and into helping each other. I love the game and I enjoy this game alot. But I also am very horrible at it sadly. Once we establish a group. We could come up with a group name. Practice strategies and help each other out to become better at this game. I thank you for your time reading this and appreciate you sticking through it to the end. If you feel like I do. Or if your up for helping me become better at the game. Add me on my Xbox one. My GT is ThinkH2o … Thank you

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