Looking for friends on ps4 for borderlands 2 fun and EXPLOSIONS!

Platform: PS4

ID: Se7eN187

feel free to add me. Used to play on the ps3 and recently got handsome collection for ps4. so i started over fresh.

Hello, there.
If you still have access to your PS3 you ought be able to x-save your char/chars/lvls to PS4.
Full instructions available here:
Details on Handsome Collection Cross Save Functionality (UPDATED 4/2) :acmaffirmative:


Ya, i know. i didnt want to. i started over to get the whole game in again and enjoy it from the start.

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Yo my name is Lord-Jamboes and i shall throw you a request now!

An informed decision, then.
Fair enuff.

add OoOpauly2131OoO
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