Looking for friends on xbox

Hey I play Galilea, thorn,rath,isic,a and a few others but Galilea is my main. Looking for some friends to play capture and advanced campaign with. Send me a friendy on xbone.

GT: Grimm 1ns4n1ty

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add me. zombiefan504

all advanced beat except sabetuer. can easily run threw any other mission.

Hey there. Welcome. Ive moved you on over to the X1 co op category.

Best of luck!

Thx for the move! And sure thing zombie!

masterblizak. I’m in central time zone and generally on Wednesdays during the day. It’s my work from home day LOL and generally the only time I get to play.

I’m assuming masterblizak is your GT?

Hey there fella!
My GT is COOLSKELET0N95 and I’m usually open to playing with new people!
I main whiskey foxtrot, attikus, isic, and kelvin, however I do know the basics of playing miko incase the team needs a healer!

Friend request sent!

alrighty! i’ll add you when I get the chance!


Hey all of you can add me too! GT Wrekonize323.