Looking for friends to farm raid bosses & looking for a HIDE OF TERRA SHIELD

Looking for friends to play online with… Farm for legendarys , new play thrus what ever… But Also really really looking for someone one who has a IMPALER SHIELD they would trade or could donate.
my id on psn heat719

i would be down to play im a lvl 62 krieg and i do have an impaler

Cool add me my friend id is : heat719

What level are you and what character?

I’ll join with my 67 Zero.

I’m a level 56 mecromancer so lookin for LV 50 shield aprox…

I’m OP8 and always there to help :33 not the best player but meh… ID: FreestylerUndSo

I might have one for you. I’ll let you know, but if you’re 56 that’s already 6 levels lower. Are you sure that’ll still work for you? If I have one in 61 I’ll donate that as well.

EDIT: Just wanted to clarify, did you need a hyde of terra or an impaler? You topic says hyde yet your post you say you need an impaler.

i’m a lvl 61 zero if u still need weapons and gear my id is nightwingisboss add me . always here to help

does anybody hav logan’s gun