Looking for friends to play and farm with

Not sure if I did this right but I play on ps 4, had it for the 360 but updated to ps4 the other day. Currently have a 58 gunzerker in UVHM. If you want to play/farm while in a party hit me up, Psn name is Zanfel. Shoot a friend req, I’m down to share loot and farm more.


That is the right place, you can ask a mod to move it for you.

Hey buddy me and a few friends have just started a fresh run we all all around level 17 I think we are wanting to clear the whole game we all played the game on previous platforms aswel but if u fancy a game give us a shout my psn Is sparky11212

Hey man I’m level 35 right now but if you could help me level up I could help you farm bosses,mi upgraded from Xbox too and I miss my op8 zer0 so much!

Sure just send a friend req to zanfel on psn