Looking for full campaign partner

I am going to start a new Moze (only character I don’t have at max lvl) and do a speed run through the normal campaign and then farm my way to 65 then do a full speed run through the TVHM campaign before doing all the DLC’s on TVHM on hopefully M10 but we’ll see.

I will mainly be playing evenings 8-midnight or so PST (I live in Oregon) and I am after someone to do the entire campaign together playing legit and using a mic.

If anyone is interested reply here or PM me and lets do this!

Also on PST (in Cali), and those times work for me. What days?

Also, I need to get my mic working, dang thing. :thinking:

Any day really, I have tue and wed off this week so free all day those days.

Could start tonight or tomorrow or any other day

I will be starting my Moze tonight if anyone is interested in doing the full campaign with me.

I don’t have a working mic yet… need to get to the store, but am otherwise quite housetrained as a co-op player (no randomly activating missions, full support role, if you put it on competitive co-op, you get dibs on the loot, all that.

You on Steam or Epic? I’m packin’ both (same handle if you want to add me).

No mic is fine if you are planning to get one. I just hate not being able to communicate.

I will be home around 730ish and online around 8 if everything goes good at work.

I play on Steam if you want to send your info over

I’d be down, too… I have a mic… I’m on the East Coast, but I’m always up late.

I’m on Epic/Shift as korben44… I think I have both of you added anyway. Hit me up if you want a third wheel! I haven’t gone through much with others… just always solo.

I can type pretty fast in the meantime.

I’ll spin up a new character for this… who should it be?

  • FL4K has pets that can aren’t housebroken for co-op, and will try to shoot NPCs sometimes before the story timing has finished. Nope.
  • Zane’s Clone or Drone will do the same… a Barrier-only Operative does sound novel (and that Barrier is pretty co-op friendly too).
  • Amara doesn’t have any wild skills, but nor does she have any that help allies.
  • Moze has Can of Whoop ass, so when I get into Iron Bear, your shields will instantly start recharging. While that’s a snore, she does have a turret in Iron Bear.

Looks like a new take on the Operative: Barrier Zane. I may add a Clone when we level up far enough - at least I can cancel that on the fly.

edit - @korben44, do you have me added on Steam or Epic? I can’t find you on Steam (or your handle is different).

Epic, I believe… My steam handle is the same, but I think it’s still saying cali when I use to live there.

I’ll spin up another Amara… She’s my main anyway… lol

@Adabiviak we are connected via Shift.

That’s where I recognize you from (haven’t been on the Epic platform for a while). Does cross play between Steam and Epic work? It may work fine, I’ve just never done it. If you’re on right now, I’ll try to join from Steam and see.

I’ve got a rookie Zane waiting at the very first mission (got my Echo registered at the Quick Change, and an inbox full of weapons/boosters ready for redemption).

@sehenry10, my friend code for Steam is 10181274 if that’s easier than searching for Adabiviak (though I don’t think there will be many collissions). I don’t see a sehenry10 in Steam, or I’d add you.

I did invite you to see how well the cross platform works…

It timed out twice, but I did have it set to Invite only instead of Friends only. I’m leery about opening it up full public in case some rando comes in who’s got bad manners. Send another invite when you can.

Unrelated - I just had this pop out of the Lost Loot machine… wasn’t sure if these were real? Can these come anointed? I haven’t seen one of these so far.

Yeah, it keeps timing out on me… oh well…lol… Have fun!

I am on if anyone wants to start the campaign with me

What’s your Steam handle?

I sent a shift friend invite in BL3


Yes sir