Looking for futuristic looking accurate weapons for a build

So this is the build im going for with fl4k:

Or this if i see im lacking damage:

What im looking for is a loadout of weapons, pistol, sniper mostly with the following :

  1. futuristic looking
  2. 1 bullet (or laser?)
  3. Fast moving projectile.
  4. Super accurate
  5. High damage if possible.
  6. Has to come in radiation element
    Thanks for the help

2nd build is not showing. just FYI

The 1st build I would use endurance instead of empathetic rage, that way you can extend duration for gamma even more.

Might want to look into Atlas for the future looking weapons.

Look at this link: it is similar to yours but with cool down reductions and damage buffs with Action skill from power inside (25%) instead of empathetic rage (20%)

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Thats actually a really good build, so you say you can actually stand still and still survive with that ? even the pet ? and does the pet do enough damage to be relevant ?

And for futuristic weapons i know atlas is amazing but there are no accurate atlas weapons, the idea of this build is to make a canon fl4k, like the one in the trailer, but with more borderland’ish weapons, i wanted maliwan but end up firing somethign weird and stupid like slow moving balls or something like that, i want a sniper , or an assault rifle on single fire mode. I might go back to the jakobs idea tho, i think its the only way, and i can add some of your build ideas to stand still like a badass sniper who doesnt care about anything.

Oh, to make more guns look futuristic, find a gun skin to fit your idea of what that means??