Looking for Gaige community skin

Please, everything in the title :slight_smile:

If you just hold on and monitor the BL3 updates, there’s a very good chance you’ll find a code for one. Some of the others were embedded in the promo videos:


Yes I saw that, thanks to that I have the others I was just hoping that someone could give it to me before(not really patient my bad XD)

Hopefully someone can help you out. But yeah expect the Gaige head and skin code to be released soon. I assume Axton is up next, then Gaige and finally Krieg.

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Let’s hope it won’t take too long, I love this game so much that even that I bought the game a week ago I almost have made 3 characters to OP8 X)

PS: TPS doesn’t look great, hope I’m wrong

I’m a huge Gaige fan so I too can’t wait. Maybe, just maybe we get the Gaige code this week but it could easily take a few weeks.

You got the game a week ago and have three OP8 characters already? That’s amazing lol.

Regarding TPS, I personally did not like it, but maybe you will. But Borderlands 2 is way better in my opinion. The gold standard :sunglasses:

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Yeah I love the game so much I couldn’t stop playing.
TPS characters and story doesn’t look that interesting(ok Athena and claptrap looks cool XD), and Elpis doesn’t look fun.

It’s different. I actually enjoy butt-slamming my way around the moon. The game as a whole isn’t as large as BL2, while the pacing and levelling are very different. If you already have it, I’d suggest at least giving it a try through one play-through. Also, the Claptastic Voyage DLC is the SciFi equivalent of Tiny Tina’s.

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Gaige’s Community Day head and skin and 5 Golden Keys shift code says for psn even though site says for all platforms?

They redeemed fine on XB1. I think what you see may depend on how you choose to redeem them. The shift web site works fine (can select the reward) but IIUC the borderlands.com or VIP site doesn’t let you choose?